Sprezzat Press Release - March 8, 2013 

Sprezzat's Thread App Gives Mobile Caller ID a Makeover
Makes Caller ID More Than Just a Number by Adding Context and Content

Austin, TX – March 8, 2013 – Caller ID changed the way we interact on the phone when it was introduced 30 years ago – and it hasn't changed since. Today, Brooklyn-based Sprezzat is giving mobile caller ID a makeover via Thread, an app that provides context on the person calling. When someone calls, you can see a social cheat sheet with your contact's most recent Facebook and Twitter posts, plus your latest texts and emails with them, giving you context at the most opportune moment. Sprezzat is a SXSWi Accelerator finalist and will be showcasing Thread at SXSW Interactive March 8 – 12, 2013.

“When receiving a call with ordinary caller ID you see their name, phone number and maybe a photo, leaving wasted space on your screen and giving you no idea about why they might be calling,” explained James Lawrence, founder and CEO, Sprezzat. “With Thread, you get additional context about the person calling you at the exact moment you need it. What if your client just landed a big deal? Or your sister just found out it's a boy? With Thread, you're in the know as you answer the phone. Or, if you don't feel like answering the phone, respond to them on Facebook, Twitter, email or text without leaving the Thread app.”

Beyond caller ID, Thread turns your phone's address book into a home base for all of your contacts' Facebook and Twitter posts, so you can see and interact with their social media feeds without branded content or ads.

“Clicking between social networks, email and text is time-consuming and cumbersome,” continued Lawrence. “Using Thread, you can view it all within one app. Wondering what your old college roommate is up to? Click on his name in your address book and see his entire Thread card, including his latest Facebook and Twitter posts and your most recent texts and emails.”

Soon, Thread will integrate with your Google calendar to provide you the same social media cheat sheet for the people in your next meeting, providing context when you need it most.

Thread is currently available in the Google Play store for Android devices. Compatibility for iOS devices is expected summer 2013. Upcoming app integrations include Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, LinkedIn and more.

About Sprezzat
Sprezzat is a mobile technology company that creates applications, products and API's that enable mobile phone users to customize their phone by instantly streaming real time, dynamic content, from their favorite applications to their phone, on incoming calls. Sprezzat is proud to call Brooklyn, New York, home. Check out sprezzat.com for more.