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The Thread Mobile App not only shows you who is calling, but also displays the caller's latest Facebook and Twitter posts and your most recent texts and emails with them, giving you greater context for the call. After the call, if you want to respond to them via social media, email or text, you can do that directly within Thread. Users can also customize Thread to link with their Google Calendar and receive information about all meeting participants as a calendar alert before a meeting.

Thread also lets you sort and filter information from all your contacts by Email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook. Thread is the only App of its kind that lets you see “pure” content streams of full text and images from Twitter and Facebook within the app, which eliminates the ads and sponsored posts that clutter your Facebook and Twitter streams.

Additionally, Thread serves as a homebase for your communications and social network needs. Thread consolidates information from email, SMS and various social networks, and enables you to view full content and directly respond/engage all within the Thread application. No longer do you have to go to multiple social media applications and communication channels to view and respond to information. Thread can give you all of this capability within one App.

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